The Journey Begins

Join us for another amazing Swords and Sabres Festival August 18th at Coronation Park!

This year the Medieval/Viking/Pirate festival will be hosted and organized by the Sons of Lugh, a local Viking living history group. (yup that’s us up there).

We are happy to bring this event to the St Boniface community this year.

We have Kids activities, a Merchant Fair, buskers, fighters, demonstrations, hands on history, and of course food trucks!  (There is even a rumor of a beer tent!)

But we need your help

We need crafters and merchants to fill the fair.
We also need sponsors to help make this event an amazing family experience.

If this is you or you know someone who can help please email

We also want you to come and celebrate with us!

What are we celebrating?  Creativity! History! fantasy! and FUN!

We will see you at Coronation Park, August 18, 2018!



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