What is there to do at Swords and Sabres?

Events are so much more than just wandering around in your amazing costume!
We are a family friendly festival, meaning THINGS TO DO!!

Kids Activities:

Games – play historic and modern games with the Pirates, Vikings and Knights.

Kiddie Battles – Grab a foam sword or axe and beat back the horde of marauders (the adults)

Music – listen to the wandering minstrels, ask for a favorite, maybe sing or play along with them.

Dress Up – Come as your favorite character!  Come as a knight, king or queen, Viking hero or heroine, Pirate captain or Kings Navy!

Or anything you heart desires.  want to be a wandering elf, dwarf, or monster?  come on down! Want to come as a Steampunk swashbuckler? come one down! Want to come as a Jedi complete with glowing light sword?  YES PLEASE!  Come play!

Eat – bring a picnic and share stories with someone, or buy something tasty from one of our local Food trucks.

Make Something  – Learn a new craft skill or practice your favorites with one of our costumers or crafters.

Play – this is the best part.  We are all here to have and share FUN!  Come play with us!


What About the Adults?

Are adults invited if they aren’t accompanying kids?  Well I guess…


Adults of every kind are welcome, we will have activities for you too!
Of course you are invited to make and do any of the activities above, we will also have somethings special for the adults in the crowd.  Deeper lessons in the history world, or learn how to Live Action Role Play, take your crafting to the next level, or just have a great day in the park!


Food & Drink

We have some big things in the works for onsite food and drink.  We will say more when we have it all planned, but there will be food and drinks available on site.  Even something cold to help keep everyone cool and comfortable.